Camps for Elementary Kids @ UT Dallas

Please click on Add To Cart in the bottom to see the full form. If you are looking for middle or high school students' camps, please visit

Please note the significant difference between these camps & the camps for older students: Campers need to bring their own snacks and lunches if needed. We have been asked NOT to serve any food to this younger group of campers in Summer. We will provide full supervision inside the camp rooms & when going to restrooms, etc. Parents are required to come to the camp rooms to sign-in and sign-out. Also, PCs/laptops will be provided for these camps with no extra charge.

If you have not decided about the camps & weeks, review the details at first & come back here to register.

We would like to do paperless paperwork this Summer! Please visit, download the forms and save them in your computer first. Fill them out in the computer or by hand, Then scan them into one PDF document and upload it to In the worst case, you can fill them out when you come to the camp, but the camper cannot attend the camp until the forms are submitted as per UTDallas rules. Please note that the forms need to be filled out for each camper every Summer.

See for reduced fees for UTD families, UTD Alumni, low income families and school teachers.

Please register one child at a time to minimize the confusion. When you reach the payment screen, restart the registration to register the next child. System will remember all the registrations in a shopping cart and you can pay them together at the end as single credit card transaction. Please click on Add To Cart below to see the full form.