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Business Chinese I (2018 Fall)

Confucius Institute - Courses/Tests/ Workshops
For those who are interested in doing business with China or plan to work in China or in China’s company. The course will not only focus on developing students’ language skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing of business contexts, but also help students to learn and understand the business culture of China in the contemporary world. It is also designed for those who are preparing for Business Chinese Test Level 1, 2 or 3 and want to pass the tests with high scores. After completion of this course, students can communicate effectively in a contemporary Chinese business environment.
Prerequisites: Students who register for this course must have a minimum two years of Chinese study and have passed HSK Test Level 3, or have the equivalent language proficiency of HSK Level 3.
Duration: 3 hours/class, total 30 hours.

Class Time: 8/4-10/6 (Session I), 10/13-12/15 (Session II), Saturdays,9:00AM–12:00PM. Room TBA.

Cost: $280/each session (Those who have registered Session I will continue with Session II with only $100)

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