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Business Chinese II (2018 Fall)

Confucius Institute - Courses/Tests/ Workshops
Continuation of Business Chinese I. For those who are interested in doing business with China or plan to work in China or in a Chinese company. It aims to expand students’ language skills to a level that is close or equal to a native-speaker’s communication capabilities in Chinese business environment. It’s also designed for those who are preparing for Business Chinese Test Level 4, 5 or 6 and want to pass the tests with high scores. After completion of this course, students can communicate freely in a contemporary Chinese business environment.
Prerequisites: Students who register for this class must have a minimum three years of Chinese study and have passed HSK Test Level 4, or have the equivalent language proficiency of HSK Level 4.
Duration: 3 hours/class, total 30 hours.

Class Time:8/4-10/6 (Session I), 10/13-12/15 (Session II), Saturdays,9:00AM–12:00PM.

Room TBA.

Cost: $280/each session (Those who have registered Session I will continue with Session II with only $100)

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