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Chinese Characters & Calligraphy (2018 Fall)

Confucius Institute - Courses/Tests/ Workshops
Unlike the western writing systems, Chinese characters represent both pronunciation as well as meaning. So knowing how to pronounce a word doesn’t guarantee that one can write or understand it correctly. Another more practical reason is that the teaching of Chinese characters is often scattered through the program, without a clear structure nor a helpful clue for one to build up one’s knowledge of this rather complicated writing system. Therefore, this course is designed to learn Chinese characters in a systematic way. It focuses not only on training the students’ abilities to recognize and memorize new characters, but also help them to learn the history and culture. At the same time, hard-pen calligraphy will be introduced and practiced to help the students to learn the characters in a fun and meaning-oriented way as well as develop their skills in how to write the characters more beautifully and appreciate the beauty embedded in. No prerequisites are required for this course. Anyone who is interested in can sign up.
Duration: 2 hours/class, total 20 hours.

No textbooks. Hand-outs will be provided in class.

Class Times: 8/25-11/3, Saturdays, 2:00pm-4:00pm

Location: UT Dallas campus, Room TBA

Cost: $200

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